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Happiness is…

Hello everyone!

How are you? So how was your week? Anything special? Life itself has so many moments to feel special, be blessed and happy about that you don’t need to wait for anything special to happen.  Just count your blessings and ignore the rest! Happiness is an inside job, it’s your creation and therefore you can tag it whatever you want to tag it as. To some of you, it may be in your attitude or to some it’s a realisation. It could be felt in the most simplest of thoughts, actions or gestures as well as the most magnificent of forms. In the little moments with your loved ones, in the beauty of nature, in the evening walks and in the droplets of water in a leaf, there is happiness in all. Through this post, I am going to sprinkle a few drops of happiness upon you. It is contagious but I hope it catches you! Here’s listing a few moments of pure happiness…not kidding at all. 

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Happiness is….

1) Finding a bag full of nappies hidden in a mysterious place

When you thought you had a week’s supply of nappies left but you suddenly realised that you have only two more left in that big pack of illusion. Heaven have just struck upon you! In that situation you desperately deploy a search operation through all your bags to find a nappy or two. Isn’t it?  You fanatically look for some miracle and tada…magic happens and you chance upon a brand new pack of nappies hidden in the toy box! Only a person who have experienced it can understand the emotion 🙂


2) Finding a quiet home

On a Saturday afternoon, you come home after your grocery shopping or your gym session and you find your home to be absolutely quiet. Now, I do understand that ‘silence is suspicious’ with a toddler around but you have checked and found that the kids are taking a nap with your spouse. Ah! pure happiness, I can tell you. For the first few moments, you come to terms with the whole situation, you assess your opportunities and explore the possibilities. The whole prospect of taking a long shower, reading with a hot cuppa or flicking through the channels or just to having a lying in! It’s a different kind of joy! You know what I am talking about, isn’t it?


3) Finding something by chance 

So the situation is that you are trying to find some super hero costume for a kid’s birthday party and your toddler is just behind you. While you are trying to take a proper look, your toddler decides to hide in the wardrobe. While doing so, she comes up with a game of her own. It’s a very popular one among the toddlers. The game of  thrones  (please read ‘throwing’). And one after the other, the clothes start to pile up in front of you. You are definitely not in your calmest of selves but you find that super hero costume in that pile. Happiness in that little pile…you just have to look!

4) Happiness is being

Being able to understand toddler language, being able to enjoy the moments of a tidy room just before the usual mess up. Being happy with the new developments in your kids, being able to laugh and be part of your kid’s current obsession. Be it Flash or Ninja Turtle. It’s nice to know the characters and talk about it with your kid.  Happiness is being able to ignore. I am sure that no matter what you do, how good you are at your work or how good you are as a person, there will always be people to criticise you, or disturb you emotionally. Happiness is being able to ignore and count the blessings when you really need it. And being able to write while your kids are fighting over a ballon :-).


Isn’t happiness homemade? There is no need to waste time for the look out for the perfect moment, when everything falls into place. What’s the point of postponing happiness? From the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep, you have so many moments to live and love. There are numerous little things waiting to be heard, understood, felt and to be loved. All you need is a little time to appreciate the beauty and enjoy being in the moment.  Because when you reach there, there is no there. Happiness is the space between you and I!

Much love


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Suranjita Bhagawati
Hello and welcome to 'Mumways'. I am Suranjita and I live in London with my three lovely kids and husband. Mumways is for inspiration - Writing about parenting, well being and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy going through it and thank you for visiting!

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Suranjita Bhagawati

Hello and welcome to 'Mumways'. I am Suranjita and I live in London with my three lovely kids and husband. Mumways is for inspiration - Writing about parenting, well being and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy going through it and thank you for visiting!


  1. what a gorgeous post.

    I’m writing this from my quiet home as my daughter is having a long afternoon nap. I’ll probably pay for it later but for now I am making the most of the peace and quiet! 😉

    #HappyDaysLinky xx

    1. admin

      Thank you so much Jenna for stopping by and leaving me a beautiful note. Much appreciated xx

  2. I love finding things by chance! Always makes me happy. Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. admin

      Thank you Katy for your message! Loved being part of the linky:-)

  3. Despina Sotireli

    Once again… to the point!!!!
    The nappies one is at the top of my happiness list at the moment!! LOL.

    1. Thank you Despina! I can totally feel your sentiments 🙂

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