Sushant Singh Rajput

The investigation on Sushant Singh Rajput

The investigation on Sushant Singh Rajput

Inferences from the past:

To dive into Sushant Singh Rajput’s investigation, I need to take you back to the past.

It was in the early 2000s, I was attending a lecture on investigative journalism by Leena Misra, an eminent journalist from the Times of India. I was all ears as I was excited to know about the nitty gritty of investigative journalism.

Case Study: Murder of the Home Minister of Gujarat, Haren Pandya in Ahmedabad in 2003.

The lecture began with the discussion of the five W’s (What, Why, When, Where and How) in journalism. Leena Misra pointed out that in that particular case, ‘where’ it happened drew her attention. He was murdered near Law Garden. A place which was filled with joggers, walkers, runners in the morning. He was murdered after a morning walk. Hence there would have been hundreds of eye witnesses.

As a student, I was making my own notes and I had inferred in my mind that whenever the answer to the five W’s were not straightforward and confusing, the investigation was compromised.

Investigation on Sushant Singh Rajput



Coming back to the investigation on Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, let’s go through the basics.

When: The post mortem report did not mention the time of death. Problem no. 1.

Where: The crime site did not look like his room. It could be staged as they meticulously kept the prescriptions   next to him so that people would buy the depression theory. Problem no. 2.

Why: Money? His ambitions? Secrets? Links with the mysterious death of his ex manager? There is no clarity. Problem. no 3.

How: How was he killed? Ruling out the suicide theory as there was no chair or stool in the room. The ligature marks on his neck, can’t be from hanging from that alleged green cloth. Tensile strength report has not yet arrived. Most importantly, there is no evidence in the public domain of him hanging. The depression narrative has no credibility as there are testimonials which talks about his ‘full of life’ attitude.  So Problem no. 4.

What: What is it that people are trying to hide? Bihar police registered the only FIR in two months. What is that Mumbai police is so afraid of calling out? What made Mumbai Police decide in 15 minutes that it was a case of suicide? We don’t know. Problem no. 5.

As we don’t have a clear cut answer to any of these five W’s, we can conclude that it is a botched up investigation. 

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Chhichhore

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput


One of my cousins had recommenced me to watch the movie, Chhichhore and I loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I watched it several times. It is an amazing film with a beautiful message. Therefore, when I saw the message about Sushant’s death by hanging, it was hard to believe. He couldn’t do that. The man himself propelled that message in Chhichhore. I don’t know why but I wanted to find out more about him. As I started learning more about him, more facts surfaced, more people joined in – Now, I have no two minds about the case. It is as clear as day, that it is not a suicide.

It is a people movement

The national media didn’t cover the story during the first few days of his demise. This was shocking to me as Sushant was a young celebrity who died in mysterious circumstances. It was abnormal. However, when the photographs and videos of Sushant’s body and room got viral, things were never the same. I started following the case on Youtube. In fact one of my closest friends is contacting forensic experts herself. It is the vigilance of common people which has brought the case this far.

I haven’t seen anything like this before. It is the common people and Youtubers who kept voicing up their opinions. They have driven the case to where it is now. The videos that are going around in Republic TV now were circulating in the internet for the past two months. It is amazing to see the hardwork and dedication of these ordinary people with extraordinary courage and focus. If you want to follow the case, please watch Arnab’s debates in Republic TV. Arnab and his team are doing an amazing job to voice the thoughts of millions.

The case so far

CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is collecting evidences but awaiting a final approval from the Supreme Court.

ED (Enforcement Directorate) is on the case and has so far interrogated Sushant’s girl friend, Rhea Chakraborty and her family, Siddharth Pithani (content creator), Shruti Modi (Business Manager) Dipesh Sawant (House Manager), on the grounds of money laundering.

Reports are coming out that Shruti Modi has broken down and has agreed to become a state witness.

Sushant’s former girlfriend , closet friends and aids have testified for him.

A big question mark on Mumbai police and Shiv Sena.

Politics – obviously


This case has opened a can of worms for Hindi Cinema. To be honest, I have ignored many a things and watched the big A list movie stars on screen. However, following the story and learning why there is a collective stand on ‘keeping quiet’ by the Hindi Cinema’s so called A list actors and actresses, I have made up my mind. I am not going to pay to watch these jokers any more.

The trailer of Sadak 2 has received about 10 million dislikes. On seeing it’s debacle, suddenly actors are rising up from their two month long coma and demanding #JUSTICE FOR SUSHANT’ and #CBIForSushant. And I thought they were good actors. Pathetic acting I must say!

The mysterious deaths of Divya Bharti, Jiah Khan, Disha Salian now Sushant Singh Rajput – they all have a common thread – mystery. We need to come together and stop this now to prevent any more such deaths.




Much love


PS: I have deliberately not attached a link to Wikipedia or other biography places as they have conveniently wrote the cause of death as suicide by hanging.

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Hello and welcome to 'Mumways'. I am Suranjita and I live in London with my three lovely kids and husband. Mumways is for inspiration - Writing about parenting, well being and lifestyle. I hope you enjoy going through it and thank you for visiting!


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