Words, words and words

Hello everyone! Sometimes words flood your ears leaving you unsettled. Sometimes words are your only refuge calming you with their warmth. I was reading this feature in one of my favourite magazines … Continue Reading →


Words of the week

Hello everyone! Hope you are well! How was your week? Busy? Family, work commitments, parties, friends, traffic, words, words and lots of them and the list continues. In between dropping … Continue Reading →

Eat Pray Love

A bit of ‘Eat Pray Love’

Hello everyone! How are you? Good week? Any good read or movie? I read the book, ‘Eat Pray Love’ a while ago and yesterday got around to see the film. … Continue Reading →

Nature - Release the pressure

January hues…

Hello everyone! How are you? Still going strong with those New Year resolutions? Just wanted to check ;-). I thought of making time to write more, but it’s already mid … Continue Reading →


Resolutions yet?

  Hello everyone!! Here we are, the last day of the year 2015 (just in case you haven’t worked it out) Time for resolutions, or remembering the failed resolutions and making … Continue Reading →


Carry on because…

  On my birthday, I wish you all a merry christmas, happy new year and lots of happy times! Thank you so much for all your wishes and being there! … Continue Reading →

Waterlogue 1.1.4 (1.1.4)
Preset Style = Bold
Format = 10" (Giant)
Format Margin = Small
Format Border = Sm. Rounded
Drawing = #2 Pencil
Drawing Weight = Heavy
Drawing Detail = Medium
Paint = High Contrast
Paint Lightness = Lighter
Paint Intensity = More
Water = Tap Water
Water Edges = Blurry
Water Bleed = Average
Brush = Fine Detail
Brush Focus = Everything
Brush Spacing = Medium
Paper = Watercolor
Paper Texture = Medium
Paper Shading = Medium
Options Faces = Enhance Faces

Foggy winter mornings

    Hope you are enjoying the beauty of the winters! Wrap yourself up for a warm ride along the memory lane. This post is dedicated to my fond childhood memories … Continue Reading →


Those hooks…

Hello everyone! How are you? Hope you are having a good day! As promised, here I am scribbling away my thoughts. The lines between my genius and your ignorance or my … Continue Reading →


How are you?

Hello everyone! How are you? I am good! Have been trying to write but stuck.  I mean stuck in the muddy puddle. The muddy puddle of a mixture of thoughts … Continue Reading →


Light up with a book

Hello everyone! Wish you a very happy Diwali! May there be light and all the demons of darkness stay miles away from you!!  How are you? Hope you are well! … Continue Reading →